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We take immense pride in proclaiming ourselves together of the most important growers and exporters of fresh cut flowers from India. We grow the widest range of Rose varieties in India, in Green Houses that are powered by the newest technology. India’s leading state in terms of growth and business opportunities. the key of our premium quality roses is that the ideal climate and fertile soil, along side the expertise of our highly qualified team comprising of experienced floriculturists and plant technologists.

Important cultivars of cut-roses for export

Cora, Corvetti, Diplomat, Femma, First Red, Grand gala,
Kiss, Konfetti, Lambada, Laser, Nicole, Noblesse, Osiana,
Papillon, Parea, Pavrotte, Rodeo, Rossini, Sacha, Samura,
Sandy, Sangaria, Soledo, Susanne, Texas, Tineke, Vivaldi.

How rose plants are to be prepared for the
next season?

  • The base of the plant is exposed to sun and air by
    removing 10-15 cm deep soil layer in 20-30 cm plant
  • After about a fortnight fill this with a mixture of well
    decomposed manure and do watering.
  • Wintering of roses is very common in western part of

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+91 80501 38565

+91 94483 42763

We grow our Roses during a controlled environment at out farm, for ensuring consistently top quality throughout the year.

You can buy Sri Vari’s Florex Roses all around the year in straight colors of Red, Pink, Yellow, White, Cerise (Dark Pink), Orange and also Bi-colors, in stem-length starting from 40-70 cm.

We possess the potential of delivering orders of any magnitude anywhere within the world in minimum time.

Sri Vari’s Florex possesses the potential of delivering orders of any magnitude to any a part of the planet thanks to our dominant position because the leading growers and exporters of fresh cut flowers. the requirements and choices of our international buyers vary from region to region. Our marketing team continuously monitors the newest international flower requirement trends. We customize the orders of our buyers as per their specific needs. Right from the time the flowers are plucked, till they’re processed and packed for various destination utmost care is taken and that we confirm that the consignment is packed in solid boxes which are made from damage proof material and may retain the freshness of the flowers till they reach you !!!!!!!

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